Mobile Apps To Help You With Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems, affecting more than 40 million US adults each year, and COVID-19 is only making matters worse. There are dozens of anxiety-related apps available, offering options that range from guided meditation to the digital equivalent of a fidget cube, but all that choice can be, well, anxiety-inducing. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a guide we hope will make your selection process a little more relaxing.


Panic attacks are hell, and trying to calm your racing thoughts while your body is working to wrongfully convince you that you are literally dying can feel impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice to push a big red button and regain a sense of control? That’s the idea behind Rootd, which presents you with a bright red “Rootr” button that lets you decide whether you want gentle reassurance to guide you through your episode, or to face the attack head-on while openly exploring the uncomfortable feelings and sensations. The latter features Yoda-esque prompts like “Welcome the fear into you. You’ve been expecting it and you know you are capable of handling more.”

Rootd is free for Android and iOS.


Best For | Pre-sleep mindfulness

Cost | The app is totally Free for basic features, and you have to pay $12.95/monthly or $89.95/annually for a premium membership that has some extra and outclass features, or you can also do one-time purchase for lifetime membership ($149.95) and enjoy it without any other charges throughout your life.

Features | Playlists, readings & stories, guided meditations & masterclasses, 12-week daily program, options for kids & teens, reminders, syncs across multiple devices.

If you’re dealing with anxiety issues, we highly recommend using anxiety apps and give Breethe a try, given the app’s expertise with anxiety, hypnotherapy and bedtime stories. Breethe is your own personal mindfulness coach, and you can see results in just five minutes flat as it is a successful app and people are liking it very much. With over 1,500 stories and guided meditations, you can combat anxiety, sleep more soundly, or reduce stress using the curated sounds and bedtime visualizations, among other features. Moreover, When you wake from your restful slumber, you will feel that you have slept calmly and you can also start your day with gentle alarm clock and morning meditations with super doper energy that you can feel in your body.

How Much Do Apps for Anxiety Cost?

The price of apps for anxiety ranges from free to annual subscriptions that cost about $70. Many apps will offer a free trial period and some are free with in-app purchases available.

How Do Anxiety Apps Works

Anxiety apps work by diverting your mind to decrease anxiety levels. All anxiety apps have a different approach to reduce anxiety levels. Some provide meditation exercises with peaceful background sounds to divert the mind. Some provide courses to learn about anxiety and ways to fight it. If you want to fight anxiety or use a generic app to learn about mental illness issues, several apps are waiting for you.

How To Subscribe Anxiety Apps

Many anxiety apps are free to use because of their sole purpose to help people with mental health problems. Some apps offer professional therapeutical services that come with a cost. The annual subscription cost of anxiety apps is $70 on average. Ratings of Anxiety Apps The apps mentioned here are assessed according to their ratings, reviews, surveys, and prices. All mentioned apps are affordable, easy to use, and offer a variety of features to help with anxiety. People suffering from anxiety and other problems can try these apps and get the professional help they need.