Stephen Varanko III Provides a Few Valuable Tips To Children Planning To Start Playing Basketball 

Children try to explore diverse sports and extracurricular activities in their school years, which help them to broaden their horizons beyond academics, as well as stay perfectly fit. Stephen Varanko III says that basketball is especially a sport that is quite popular among young students. He himself captained his high school’s lacrosse, basketball, and cross-country varsity teams.  Playing basketball can be quite helpful in enabling children to learn basic coordination and team-building skills, as well as gain new friends who share similar interests.  It also serves as a foundation for staying active later in life.

Learning to play basketball involves dribbling, throwing, catching and pivoting, and honing such skills from a young age significantly helps improve the flexibility and endurance capacity of a child.  Stephen Varanko III says that due to the number of benefits offered by this sport, learning how to play basketball would be a prudent move for any school going kid.

Here are a few valuable tips that can be quite helpful for any kid planning to start playing basketball:

  • Wearing the right shoe is extremely important while playing basketball, as the wrong ones may lead to an injury. Hence, prior to starting off with this sport, it is important to get a good pair of basketball shoes. Footwear having proper support and cushioning is vital for basketball as this sport involves a lot of running and jumping. While high-top shoes provide more support for ankles, they can feel a little heavier when playing. On the other hand, mid-top shoes are lighter, but do not provide high support.  The right basketball shoes for a person ideally are chosen as per the position at which they aim at playing and their individual requirements.
  • Before starting with any game of basketball, it is extremely important to warm up. Doing so would reduce the chances of injuries, and also is a great way to boost the ability of a person to perform as per their best capabilities. Being a fast paced sport, sufficient warm-up is important in basketball to raise the heart rate of the players.
  • Many new players focus on dribbling with their dominant hand, but so should not be the case. They must practice dribbling with their weak hand until they can handle the ball as effectively with both hands. It is also vital to dribble while keeping the head up and not done, so as to see what is happening around in the basketball court.
  • To shoot more effectively, one must practice shooting every day from a variety of positions. It is vital to learn what the basketball shooting range of a person is.  Players must remember to always keep their eye on the rim of the basket for the duration of their shot.

These tips provided by Stephen Varanko III can surely help any kid starting to learn basketball in school.