Will Sherlund – Should Children Learn Self-Defense

The capacity to safeguard oneself from physical harm is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to everyone, including your children. They should be taught the art of self-defense as it is important in the society plagued with violence today. In the modern era, bullying is a common problem in schools. Your child might become a target for a bully, and before you know it, the damage could be so deep that your child will remain scarred for life. As a responsible parent, it is wise to teach your children young and enroll them in self-defense training.

Will Sherlund is a well-known figure in the field of personal safety and security in the USA. He is the Founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets and is an expert in several forms of martial arts. He says that children can get several benefits from self-defense classes. They cannot only defend themselves, but they can learn several values and principles like dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Self-defense training also helps them in the building of personal relationships as they grow up.

Bullying – the nightmare of all parents

Bullying in school is a widespread problem that has existed for several years. Though school and college authorities have made efforts to curb bullying for a long time, the issue still prevails. In fact, children face the threats of bullying in their social circles too.

Parents can teach their kids to stand up to them with confidence when it comes to curbing bullying. Practicing martial arts is an effective way for children to face the bully and stop being a soft target.

Learning the value of discipline and self-respect

When parents enroll their children in self-defense classes, they learn ancient martial arts that teach them the values of discipline and tolerance. (like Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). These techniques will teach your child several intricate techniques and how to execute them properly.

Parents should never think that martial arts refer to fighting. Children have the habit of getting into fights, but martial arts do not encourage these fights. On the other hand, martial arts teach children not to start fights but to protect themselves and others in the event of trouble and threats in case a fight starts. The art will teach them to avoid the fight and only strike when attacked.

Children become more responsible

With regular martial arts practice, children become more responsible, and they develop their mental and physical faculties over time. They are unlikely to fall into the traps of drugs and other forms of substance abuse as they learn the importance of good nutrition and the need to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

Will Sherlund sums up by saying with regular practice of martial arts; children are able to build their social skills. They develop the qualities of self-respect, discipline, and confidence. Their peers also look up to them as they develop a strong sense of character and personality. Therefore, he says that if you want your child to become a strong and well-balanced human being, enrolling him/her into martial arts is a very prudent choice indeed!